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Elderly or Vulnerable?
In need of urgent help?

Elderly Or Vulnerable? In need of urgent help?

As the situation of corona virus is escalating I find myself sat thinking things through, like every single one of us at this time. Confusion, stress, life changing events! The last time our nation faced something like this was during the last world war so I thought, what would my grandparents of done today having experienced the war. Thinking back to my teenage chats about the war with them and what it was like, the one thing that really did stick was how our nation came together to help others. The result of that mentality got them through then and gave every single one of us in this nation the freedom that's been our lives for the past 70 years. So that's what I am offering to do now, help! together we will get through this.

I have the means to help out there. I have the phone system for contact, the website for this information, 2 vans at my disposal, one very large and my time, my time will be free. This free service is for the community of St Austell

If you are one of the follow then please make contact on 01726 70910, someone will answer the phone, if it isn't me you will be put through to me.

  • Elderly with little or no help or your help has had to self isolate.
  • Vulnerable with little or no help or your help has had to self isolate.

I will collect and deliver essential items for you, food and medication (prescriptions) If there is an emergency with something in the home ( tap leak for example), that will make your self isolation difficult.

To the NHS again my time is on offer, whether you're struggling to move vital equipment between buildings or deliver the much needed prescriptions to patients in self isolation. Anything you need help with!

Why have I done this on my business website?
The reason is quite simple.

  1. Because its already running
  2. I have run my business in St Austell for 23 years so those calling will know this is a genuine offer from genuine people and so can feel secure with little thought at such a traumatic time.

This offer will be available from Monday 23rd March until 15th June 2020.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and stay safe.

Heath Everett