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This service is very easy to use and will only take around 5-10 minutes. Please follow the following tips to help you with the process.

  1. Please do not refresh the page or use the back button, you will lose imputed data.
  2. Make a note of the kitchen range and colour you have chosen from within the site. If you haven't done this please do so now. We will need this information to do a quote.
  3. Have your existing plans and images ready to upload. A layout plan is the most important for a comparison quote.

Signature Kitchen Brochure

signatute kitchens

Don't have existing kitchen or bedroom plans? Thats not a problem we will plan it for you. We will need the following information.

  • A sketch of the room with measurements etc, this can be very simple, it doesn't have to be fancy straight lines etc, just the correct information. See example image. We can also work with an architects plan.
  • Please make sure to put enough information on the sketch.
  • Wall measurements, widow measurement and location on the wall.
  • Ceiling height.
  • Water main and/or hot and cold pipe location.
  • Please also provide a photo of each wall in the existing room.

* Photo's of your sketch are fine if you do not have scanning facilities.

* Extra form fields open as you fill out the form.

* If you need help with measurements or filling in the below form please call us on 01726 70910.

* If we have not spoken to you to help with measurements and/or filling out the forms someone will contact you soon after we receive your submission to discuss things further.