Kitchen Accessories

There’s an art to making the most of storage space. Hiding things away is easy. Hiding them away where you can get at them, that’s the tricky part. That’s where our vast range of storage solutions, which not only look great, but make your life a whole lot easier. And with storage space at a premium in today’s kitchens, we will help you maximise every inch of space.

Drawers & Hinges

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Soft-close BLUMOTION from Blum adapts to the dynamics of every door. So all doors have a smooth closing action regardless of size, weight or force with which you close them.

Cabinet Accessories

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The perfect answer to access those awkward areas in corner units, the magic corner turns dead space into valuable space. Effortless access with pullout larders & wire drawers.


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In the fast moving LED lighting market, you need a well thought-out system. Each driver and light are marked with symbols, colour and text. Making it easy to match systems.