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Fit Confirmed: Start Date: Thursday January 1, 1970
Address: , ,
Fit Price: Price yet to be confirmed

Fit Details

Door Style:

**Details of works by other trades**
Not Required

Building Works:
Not Required

Gas / Heating Works:
Not Required

Small Works:
Not Required

General Notes
  1. Respect the customers property! keep the site clean and tidy at all times.
  2. Always use dust sheets to cover any items that belong to the customer, floor coverings not being replaced, furniture etc.
  3. It's a good idea to ask the customer for a key if they go out, just in case you have to nip out to collect something. Never leave a customers property unlocked!
  4. The main fitter is also the project manager on site. Times for other trades to be on site is discussed and set by the fitter. Positions of sockets, pipes etc is to where the fitter has requested. Discuss this before starting installation works. Mark walls for cabinets and locations for other items.
  5. If the customer requests anything not clearly marked on drawings or anything different than set out above please ask them to contact the office.

If for any reason these dates are not suitable please send details and new availability dates by eNote

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