In-Frame Kitchens

Stamford In-Frame



Stamford, a classically english styled kitchen featuring solid oak raised panels, subtly painted to allow the natural grain of the timber to show through. This has been embellished with accessories, such as the castellated moulding beneath the cornice, to accentuate a feeling of luxury, such as the Castellated moulding beneath the Cornice, to extenuate a feeling of luxury.

Paint Colours

natural painted

Our standard paint finish that allows as much of the natural grain to be seen. One even coat of beautiful colour sealed in with two coats of a clear matt lacquer.

block painted

The contours of the oak graining are still visible but the overall effect is far more ‘block’. The natural wood is first primed and then covered with two coats of paint. This is also the standard method for painting maple, and the airo & horizon contemporary models.